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Social Work

Social work touches the lives of people every day and it strives to better the lives of the individual, family, group or society at large. Underpinned by theories of social work, social sciences, humanities and indigenous knowledge, social work engages people and structures to address life challenges and enhance their wellbeing. Keeping along the traditional ministries of education and healing ministry the daughters of Nirmal Jyoti has shown courage and readiness to come to the frontline ministries like, home for the terminally ill, rehabilitation of the platform boys, hostel for girls, animation programme in the villages etc.

1. Shanti Dham - Home for the terminally ill - Shahdol

Shanti Dham opened in 1997 at Shahdol is a home for the terminally ill and the abandoned patients. Till date 192 patients are registered in the institution among them 71 has expired. Almost 76 of them have left the organization by their own and 12 are home placed.  Today there are 23 patients who are taken care by the sisters with the help of supporting staff. The amount


required for the running of the institution as well as maintenance and repairs etc. are met by the province. Benefactors from far and wide generously contribute in various ways. 

   2. Pratyasha Social Work Centre, Ashoknagar [Bhadon]

In the year 2003 Sr.Shalini and Sr.Darshana started their work residing at Tarasadan Convent with a farsighted goal to have a social work centre of the Province. After one year Sr.Shalini got transferred to Amlai due to ill health. Sr.Darshana continued for ten years and her tireless and persistent efforts along with her companion sisters,  brought life to Pratyasha Social Work Centre. For a long period of 15 years, the office and social work programmes was conducted at the adjacent building of Tarasadan School.


On 8th June 2019 long cherished wish to have a separate convent and Social Work Centre of the province came true with the inauguration of Chavara Sadan at Bhadon. Social Work Centre is named as Sevalaya. Special strategy has been put in motion to encourage women leaders from the grass root levels. Women self-help groups have been promoted and their leaders have been trained in leadership development, micro enterprises, savings and credit management etc. All our projects have also tried to address the problems of child and maternal health, education of girls and problems arising due to lack of immunization facilities in the area. The women leaders encouraged by the organization are now taking confident strides and helping to change the position of other women in the society. At present sisters are working at 22 villages and have a good rapport with the people. There are 55 SHGs, 6 children’s groups and 8 driver’s groups [ Sarathi] working actively in these villages. 

3. Asha Kiran - hope for the platform boysKatni  [ Jingiri Asha Kiran was born on 2nd April 2005 at Katni, M.P. with the aim of bringing about a qualitative change in the life of platform children. it gives shelter to the rag-pickers at the station, destitute and delinquent children between the age of 6 to18. They usually roam around the railway platform and work like sweepers in the running train. Asha Kiran provides residential facilities, individual and group counselling, medical assistance, formal and non-formal education to these children. To promote holistic development of the children, sports, games, yoga and meditation cultural activities like music, dance and drama etc. are held daily. Special interest was taken to reunite the children if they


have home. Counselling help is given to them to get rid of the harmful habits of alcoholism, gambling etc. At present there are 49 children who are residing in Asha Kiran. Till date there are 336 children enrolled in the register and 250 of them are home-placed. At the age of 18 they are given for after care. Among the legally freed children many of them are taken for adoption. At present ten boys are working in different reputed companies and work places and five of them are gone for higher studies. Along with sisters there are 20 paid staff working in this institution today.

4. Euphrasia Centre – Bina [ Piperkhedi ] – On 6th June 2016 a separate convent was inaugurated at Piperkhedi village with a sole purpose of working for the poor and underprivileged sections of the society. From the inception of this convent there are many social work activities going on in this institution with special focus on trainings. Taking into consideration the practical difficulties, at present trainings are being conducted in the village itself. Apart from this, sisters engaged with animation programme, formation of SHGs, Medical Camps and IGP Programme. 

5. Palliative Care & Family Counselling –Sagar Responding to the signs of the present scenario we opened a Mobile Palliative Care & Family Counselling Centre in Sagar. His excellency Mar Antony Chirayath officially blessed and erected Carmel Sadan, Bachhlon on 5th June 2019. As sisters started to reside in the already existing building with a small renovation, we could feel the inadequacies in fulfilling the purpose of accommodating the sisters as well as other inconveniences. Hence, the thought of constructing a new convent came in. As a result, a new convent was erected for the sisters to live and the old building continued as palliative care unit & counseling Centre. Today by imbibing the spirit from Pope Francis the sisters work as the soothing hands to the sick and dying through constant visit by giving them love and care of Jesus. 

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