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       ‘The world is a complex place, and the influence of media in its representation and its power of communication and interpretation is a remarkable amplifier of emotions and illusions.’ Day by day the need and necessity of spreading the good news of Jesus far and wide is on increase. It is done in all the possible way through the field of Media. The News Bulletin of the province, “Nirmal Jyoti Kiran” which started in the year 1998 opened a new realm to the sisters to share their mission and God experiences and to figure out their inborn talents. Christmas,  Easter and Good Friday Messages and various programs which has got Christian

values were telecasted in city cable and All India Radio from our schools from the year 1998 onwards. New Year calendars with Holy pictures were distributed among staff, students, parents and catholic families from 1998 onwards.


We were posting messages especially daily word of God with short reflection to the staff, parents and ex-students of our schools through Whats  App. By 2018 the media cell of the province took initiative and Bible sentences were posted through attractive power points, GIF etc. In order to facilitate the media ministry of the Province, some of our sisters were sent for short term courses in media and journalism. As all the schools were not functioning regularly due to Covid -19, special programs were arranged by all the schools and was uploaded in the You Tube channels of the schools on different occasions and feasts like Independence Day, Children’s Day, Feast of   St. Chavara and St. Euphrasia, Christmas etc. Construction and inauguration of audio studio in Good Shepherd school on February 10th 2020  was a golden letter day in the field of media and communication. It has enhanced the activities of the media cell. 

      From August 21st 2020 onwards we started posting various programs through WhatsApp in a regular basis under the leadership of Sr. Noel and Sr. Juliet. A new WhatsApp group ‘Nirmal Waves’ was formed on 31st October 2020 to circulate daily Gospel reflections and other media initiatives of our province. On November 30th 2020 the new YouTube channel of our province was launched, with the name ‘Nirmal Waves’ which paved a new way and added multicolor for the media ministry of our province.  Advent preparations were uploaded in it, very innovative way. Now on regular basis motivating preparations and reflections are

posted in ‘Nirmal Waves’ before all important feasts.We hope the media ministry will continue with variety of programs for the people of God to evangelize, motivate, lead, guide and to empower people specially women and children. Nirmal Jyoti looks at Nirmal Waves to continue the media ministry of the province with variety of programs for faith formation of the people of God and to evangelize, motivate, lead, guide and to empower people specially  children and women.

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