Education is not just a profession but a sacred call, a great apostolate through which we participate in the teaching mission of our church (const. No.97).

We are witnessing tremendous changes taking place around the world on account of globalization, increased interaction and accelerated pace of development in science and technology. We cannot remain as passive observers but need to evolve new strategies and find solutions. Our schools play a dynamic role through co-operation and collaboration in the task of transforming and rejuvenating the goals of education.We do make sincere efforts to inculcate and instill moral and Christian values in the minds of our students that they may be able to create a better society in their future life

Majority of our sisters are working in schools. Nirmal Jyoti has five schools of her own in Shahdol, Ashoknagar, Bina, Amlai and in Mahgarajpur. Maharajpur is a growing school and the other four are senior secondary schools affiliated to CBSE. There are about 10,000 students in these schools. In Narsinghpur, Padrauna, Belwania, Katni and Bhopal we work in the schools run by the diocese/other congregation. We try to give quality education to the students and aim at their integral development. Along with the syllabus prescribed we give them social awareness, value education and leadership and personality development classes so as to form them into fully Today we find unrest, selfishness, aggressiveness and strained relation ships everywhere which always make children disturbed and maladjusted. Realizing this acute problem among the children one or two counsellors are engaged to give counselling in all the Schools cities for the expensive treatment..

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