1. Sr.Mary Celine

Sr.Mary Celine was born on 6th June 1901 in Ollur. Mr.Lonappan and Mrs Mary was her parents. She joined the congregation in 1922 and made her perpetual profession in 1929. During her last days she was in Carmel Nivas Katni and went to receive her eternal reward on 29th June 1980.Sr. Celine, innocent and joyful by nature was an school teacher by profession. She was the headmistress of Little Flower convent School Irinjalakuda for a long 35 years. After the retirement when she was leading a life of rest no one could stop her from coming to the missions as it was her earnest desire. Though with lot of enthusiasm she came to Katni she could live there only four months. Her mortal remains are buried in the diocesan cemetery at Jabalpur.

2. Sr.JollyDavis

Born in Veloor parish from Chittilappilly Devassy and Martha in 1962 Sr.Jolly Davis joined the religious life in 1985 and made her first commitment in 1989. This enthusiastic young missionary was doing her B.Ed. studies in Jabalpur when she got sick and found it to be brain cancer. Though she was taken immediately to Kerala and a surgery was done that was not enough to save her. As she was bed ridden after the surgery and needed medical support always she was transferred to Mareena Home Choondal in 1991 and in 1992 she closed her eyes eternally to meet her Lord. Even during her last days she did not lose hope of coming back to the mission.

3. Sr.Shaleena

Sr. Shaleena was the daughter of Mr. Antony Cheru and Thressia of Varakara parish and was born on 18th April 1969. She joined the Carmelite congregation in 1987 and made her first profession in 1991. When studying for B.A. in Shahdol she got sick and analysis showed it to be lymphobia. Though Sr. Shaleena was given chemotherapy and radiations nothing could help her to survive. On 26th April 1994 she joined the saints in heaven to receive her eternal reward. Sr. Shaleena was very peculiar in singing sweet melodies to the Lord as she had a very sweet voice. Today she joins the heavenly court to sing the divine praises.

4. Sr. Vineeta

Born on 9th March 1974 in Pettikal Kandathigil family Sr. Vineeta was the youngest of her parents Michael and Catherine. She joined Nirmal Jyoti in 1997 and made her 1st profession in 2002. While working as an office assistant in Tarasadan Convent School Ashoknagar Sr. Vineeta suffered from severe head ache and giddiness. Though after the treatment she got well and entered into her normal duties, on 15th December 2003 she had a very serious fall from the staircase which lead to her death. Though she was immediately taken to Bhopal before reaching the hospital itself she had given her last breath. Since there was no cemetery in Ashoknagar the burial was done in Bina

5. Asp.Shincy

Shincy, daughter of Mr.Simon and Mrs. Sheeba of Kurisingal family in Ollur parish was our aspirant in the year 2007. She entered into aspirancy with a burning zeal to become a missionary in July but like a flower blooming in the morning and getting faded in the afternoon this budding missionary said bye-bye to us on 1st November 2007 and reached heaven to receive her heavenly bridegroom.

6. Sr.Suma

Sr. Suma was born on 18th January 1948. While teaching in the convent school at Pudukkad, she responded to the divine call and joined as an aspirant in 1968 at Kolazhi. She had her vestition and first profession in 1970. In 2009 she was elected as the Provincial Councilor and was in charge of Faith Formation. Unexpectedly she felt acute pain on 28th June 2012. And was shifted immediately to Kerala In addition to her existing ailment it was diagnosed  that she had become victim to bone Cancer  too  in  advanced stage. On 18th February 2013 she was paralyzed and on 18th April lost her speech ability. She received last sacrament on 20th April from Fr.Joseph Chungath CMI in the presence of the sisters and of her family members at Queen Marys Convent. Finally the Lord blessed her with an eternal sleep at 4.30 a.m. on 25th April. her body was taken to St. Marys convent Ollur for burial

7. Sr.Attalia

Sr.Attalia, baptismal name Kochuthresia born on 8th May 1837. At the very young age, Sr.Attalia listened to the inner voice of our Lord and joined the congregation at Thrissur and had her First profession in 1961 and final in 1964. On 26th August 2013 her pressure went high with severe head ache. The doctor was called in and medicine was given immediately and her pressure became normal. In the early morning on 28th August 2013 she was struggling for breath.  But to our great shock unexpectedly at 4:00 a.m her soul flew to the Heavenly abode. The funeral ceremony of Sr. Attalia was very grand with 34 priests solemn Eucharistic celebration which was followed by special prayers for the dead and she was buried in the parish cemetery, Bina. 

8. Sr.Soona

Sr. Soona was born on 16th Feb 1965 as the tenth child and the youngest daughter of the God fearing parents Late Mr. Poulose and Mrs. Annamma of Kidangan Family belonging to the Archdiocese of Thrissur, Kerala. After completing her schooling and teacher's training she was working in one of the government schools at Thrissur. It is then she listened to the divine call to religious life. As a result she entered into the Congregation of Mother of Carmel surrendering herself totally for the service of the people. She made her first commitment on 28th November, 1987 as a member of Nirmala Province Thrissur, Kerala. When she was a junior sister itself she opted for Nirmal Jyoti region since she had an inner thirst to become a missionary and to work in the villages for the poor and illiterate. On 20th June 2015 early in the morning, she was found unconscious in her room. Immediately she was taken to the hospital but meanwhile she breathed her last breath. The corpse of Sr. Soona was brought to the Provincial House, Bina in the morning on 23rd Tuesday. Arch bishop Leo Cornelio of Bhopal ,Rt Rev. Bp. Gerald Almeida of Jabalpur, her brother priest Fr. Wilson, other brothers and sisters from Kerala and a good number of priests and nuns from different dioceses,the staff from Co-ed school Bhopal and the parishioners of Bina were present for the last rituals. The funeral ceremony was very grand and heart touching with solemn Eucharistic celebration, prayers and condolence speeches. Let the Everlasting light shine upon her soul to sing the praises of her Beloved.

9. Sr.Rose Vandana

10. Sr. Mary Sigi

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