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Pratyasha social work centre at Ashoknagar is established for the development of the poor especially for the women and children. Two of our sisters are fully engaged in the social work activities.

In Katni, three of our sisters are working with the platform boys in collaboration with the railway authorities and the diocese of Jabalpur. There are 60 children in two centers now. They are studying in different schools in the city. Some of the boys were reached home with their help.

In Shahdol Shanthi Dham, our sisters give shelter to the terminally ill patients. These sisters make the patients last days peaceful and happy with their loving service. Even after the death they are given a very decent burial according to their religion.

Our sisters are serving the physically handicapped children in Jeevan Jyoti handicapped centre at Maharajpur. They are looked after in the house. These children attend our school, Amal Jyoti, Maharajpur.

Keeping along the traditional ministries of education and healing ministry the daughters of Nirmal Jyoti has shown courage and readiness to come to the frontline ministries like, home for the terminally ill, rehabilitation of the platform boys, home for the physically challenged etc.

PRATYASHA is the social work unit of Nirmal Jyoti Society, Bina. The main ideology of Pratyasha is to work for social justice, rural development, and upholding human dignity and render humanitarian services irrespective of caste, creed, religion or language. Sr.Darshana along with one of our sisters is actively involved in social activities in the villages at Ashoknagar. From time to time they are given animation programme to change the food habits, to keep them in good health and for the formation of SHGs and different types of IGP. We have been trying to give special importance to the process of empowerment of women and mobilizing them by ensuring their participation in all programmes. Special strategy has been put in motion to encourage women leaders from the grass root levels. Women self-help groups have been promoted and their leaders have been trained in leadership development, micro enterprises, savings and credit management etc. We render services for enlistment of the rural poor on realizing that the current conflict situation in this part of the country is drifting away the new generation from the mainstream leading to a broken civil society. All our projects have also tried to address the problems of child and maternal health, education of girls and problems arising due to lack of immunization facilities in the area. The women leaders encouraged by the organization are now taking confident strides and helping to change the position of other women in the society.

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Shanti Dham opened in 1997 in Shahdol looks after terminally ill patients who have nobody to take care of. It is a real abode of peace to these patients as the sisters there make their last days peaceful and help them to have a respectful death. Even after their death they are treated with dignity and given a decent burial according to their own religion. The service rendered by the sisters in Shanti Dham is really praise worthy and needs an extra charism. Shanti Dham is a home for the terminally ill and the abandoned patients, attached to Carmel Bhavan, Shahdol. By the grace of God it is running well flooded with the divine mercy. Sr.Abhaya and Sr.Karuna render their valuable full time service fully committed with the members of the community. During this period 27 sick, abandoned, mentally and physically challenged women were catered. 65 of the inmates breathed their last during these 3 years. the last rites of the deceased are done according to their religious customs. The public and the parishioners of Shahdol always extend their helping hands. To meet the expense of Shanti Dham rs.20, 000/- is given by the province with the support of English medium schools at Shahdol and Amlai.  The amount required for the maintenance and repairs are also met by the province. benefactors from far and wide generously contribute in various ways. at present there are 21 inmates and most are bed ridden. They do enjoy motherly and sisterly care from the sisters.

In collaboration with the railway authorities and diocese our sisters showed their readiness to gather together the scattered group of platform boys in Katni Junction and rehabilitate them as possible. Asha kiran was born on 2nd April 2005 at Katni, M.P. with the aim of bringing about a qualitative change in the life of platform children. it gives shelter to the rag-pickers at the station, destitute and delinquent children between the age of 4 to18 years who have no caste and creed.They usually roam around the railway platform and work like sweepers in the running train. Asha Kiran provides residential facilities, individual and group counselling, medical assistance, formal and non formal education to these children. To promote holistic development of the children, sports, games, yoga and meditation etc. are held daily. the opportunities are given to awaken their hidden talents through cultural activities like music, dance and drama. Special interest was taken to reunite the children if they have home. 24 of them were reunited with their family. Counselling help is given to them to get rid of the harmful habits of alcoholism, gambling etc. 170 boys came to Asha Kiran out of which 147 directly benefited from this center. At present there are 54 children who are residing in Asha Kiran.

Sr.Shalini, in charge of Asha Kiran, was awarded with Bardoli Ratan by the human rights commission for the outstanding social activities. Isai Mahasang also honoured for dedicated service for the development of the most marginalized children. Sr.Shalni and Sr.Ashisha were counted as outstanding charitable workers by inner wheel club of Katni and honoured them on 5th august, 2009.

a) Jeevan Jyoti- home for the physically challenged.  About 15 physically handicapped children are given shelter in Jeevan Jyoti, Maharajpur. These children are taken care of by our sisters, meeting all their needs and sending them to our school near by free of cost. As they are physically unfit to do anything by their own they need the help of sisters for everything. The patience, love and committment shown by these sisters to these little ones can come only from the love of the Lord, enjoying the facilities provided by the centre and care given by our sisters. These boys once joining the centre never returns back to the old life style like rag picking but attend the schools in the city. 24 of the boys are reached back home and reunited to their families by the sisters. Till now 140 children have benefited from the centre. The troubles taken by our sisters in Asha kiran can not be done by any one else unless they have a special charisma to do these.

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