Apostolate an overview

Our sisters render their services in the schools, dispensaries, terminally ill patients home, social work centers, rehabilitation centres, and home for the physically handicapped etc.

Apostolate- An overview
Though in almost all the convents our sisters are concentrating on the faith formation of the people through the apostolate they are, in Jabalpur and Deori our sisters are concentrating fully in these activities. Through house visits, teaching catechism and counseling they nurture their faith and keep them united with the church. The family problems they have are solved during these frequent visits.

Majority of our sisters are working in schools. Nirmal Jyoti has five schools of her own in Shahdol, Ashoknagar, Bina, Amlai and in Mahgarajpur. Maharajpur is a growing school and the other four are senior secondary schools affiliated to CBSE. There are about10000 students in these schools. In Narsinghpur, Padrauna, Belwania, Katni and Bhopal we work in the schools run by the diocese/other congregation. We try to give quality education to the students and aim at their integral development. Along with the syllabus prescribed we give them social awareness, value education and leadership and personality development classes so as to form them into fully functioning human beings.

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