Nirmal Jyoti is an off shoot of Nirmala Province Trichur which comprises 16 houses in the Dioceses of Sagar, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Gorakhpur and Trichur with 116 members.

In the flash back of the history of Nirmal Jyoti Province, we see a heroic venture of our Mother Province Trichur to open a mission house viz. Pavitra Hriday Convent , on 23rd January 1970 at Bina in the newly formed Sagar Eparchy at the request of the then Eparch Rt.Rev. Dr. Clemense Thottungal. This was the house for helping the priest in the parish activities as well as for running a Balwadi School. Bina, being a large Railway Junction, there was additional responsibility for the sisters to meet the needs of guest sisters who are to catch train to different places. Rt. Rev. Bishop Clemense Thottungal was so kind and generous to donate 3 acres of land at Ashok Nagar Guna, the province and persuaded the then major superiors to open an Eng. Med. School as our own. Responding to his good will second mission station was started with the name Tara Sadan at Ashok Nagar in July 1971. Without much delay in the same month in 1971 according to the invitation of Rt. Rev. Dr. Leobard Dsuza, the Bishop of Jabalpur through Rev. Fr.Joseph Thaliath, Good Shepherd Convent and the Diocesan School at Shahdol was started functioning. But in 1975 the Diocesan land along with this Primary Eng. Med. School was transferred to the C.M.C. sisters of Trichur Province. 

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